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Flipboard Leads PR Profession as Best News Aggregator Application

What’s In The News

Connecting with your client and remaining current with the ever-evolving cycle of news is a challenging prospect for PR professionals around the world. Staying aware of fresh content can be a time intensive task, but a zippy class of applications known as news aggregators use algorithms to parse through the daily wire and bring their users a host of curated articles related to trends and topics they follow. According to the IOS App store, the top-rated applications for 2017 are Apple News, News 360, and Flipboard. Each of these programs offer expedient delivery of news worthy posts and trending topics. One app in particular though shines above all the rest. This is based on both its breadth of services and its ease of use.


The Smartest Magazine

Flipboard’s exterior is a visually appealing news aggregator that really feels like you’re thumbing through a publication. Once inside you realize the application is much more intricate than how it looks from its cover. Flipboard has been around for over six years and over this time it has continued to evolve and refine itself into a “go-to” public relations essential for the communications professional. Flipboard offers more than its competitors when it comes to depth of topics and granular content. It allows users to pick the main subjects which interest them, but then delves deeper into subtopics and even specific organizations to follow. This allows the application to target those stories and posts which are most relevant to the PR professional’s lane of interest.


Room to Improve

Flipboard’s greatest opportunity for improvement comes from its inability to cover breaking news stories. As all PR professionals know, what dictates something as being newsworthy is the factor of timeliness. While the app does feature deep integration with an associated user’s linked social media accounts, such as Twitter, it provides a mere reflection of that platform’s data as opposed to crawling the newswire for its own discoveries.


My Wish List

If I could combine the aptness of Twitter, the up/down votes of Reddit, the human validation of Facebook, and the informative delivery of the AP Newswire; I would most likely create the world’s best news aggregate. Until this dream comes to fruition, I’m sticking with Flipboard.

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